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Eliminate Gout Tohpi

Gout tophi is a stage in gout where bulging lumps appear in the joints and is painful. If untreated they can cause some serious problems. There are natural treatments for gout tophi.

Tophi (tophaceous) gout is caused by the build-up of uric acid in joints affected by gout. It is caused by frequent gout attacks due to high uric acid levels. Untreated tophi can eventually lead to permanently damaged  joints.

Since gouty tophi is caused by high uric acid levels in the blood, the key is to reduce the acid levels. There are various drugs available, but they sometimes have side effects. Sometimes the all natural way can be the best way.  If you have gout, you need to see your doctor and follow their advice.  Some will advise natural herbs and fruits to help.  Once again do not try to treat Tophi on your own with out consultation from your doctors. Some herbs can counter act other medicines, so be careful.

The underlying cause of gout is the break down of purines.  People who have gout need a low purine diet. There are many foods that contain high purines, but that can take a long time to go through. But in general they are red meats, shellfish, certain vegetable and yeast products and alcohol.

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